Mercurial Repositories

Name Description Contact Last change  
if-archive-json-mirrorCode to mirror ifarchive on Varma <>7 years ago
kiritsuA humane content aggregator promoting the concept of self-discipline against procrastination and information overload.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
geoleapGeoLeap demo for map navigation.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
planet-ubiquity-redesignExperimental redesign of planet ubiquity.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
ipad-web-testunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
idl-experimentunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
python-for-js-programmersA Python tutorial for JavaScript programmers.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
bugzilla-dashboardMy Bugzilla dashboard.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
about-mozilla-redesign-2Continuing experiments in redesigning the layout of the about:mozilla newsletter.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
pydertronA high-level wrapper for Pydermonkey.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
enso_coreOpen-source release of Enso, a cross-platform quasimodal linguistic command line interface written in Python. This project has since been moved to Google Code, and can be found at Varma <>7 years ago
simple_xulrunner_appSimple proof-of-concept xulrunner app.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
cosocketImplement simple Python socket servers using coroutines.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
JSWeakRefWeak references for JavaScript prototype.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
826-national-presounknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
open-web-challengesPuzzle-based tutorials for learning Open Web technologies.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
smtpserverA ridiculously simple SMTP server.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
jsparserA simple top-down operator precedence parser in JS.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
about-mozilla-redesignExperimental layout redesign of the about:mozilla newsletter.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
tiny-letterpressunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
hrmDrop-in replacement for rm with support for undo.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
spidermonkeyMirror of 'js' directory from mozilla-centralAtul Varma <>6 years ago
moztree-visExperimental visualization of the Mozilla source tree.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
pyxpcomMy copy/branch of the PyXPCOM extension for Firefox.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
mozilla-the-big-pictureMozilla: The Big Picture preview.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
bzezpatchunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
enso_osxMacintosh OSX-specific code for Enso. This project has since been moved to Google Code, and can be found at Varma <>7 years ago
daily-editionExperiment to mitigate information overload by regulating inflow from blogs and other feed sources.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
pybugzillaunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
bzapiPython access to the Bugzilla REST API w/ MongoDB integration.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
powerboxSimple Firefox prototype extension to add 'window.powerbox' objects to windows that provide web pages with superpowers, upon the end-user's consent.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
snowlMy personal working clone of the Snowl repository at Varma <>7 years ago
ff-herdict-presoPresentation of Firefox-Herdict Integration PitchAtul Varma <>5 years ago
summit-idpunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
scratchScratch pad for example code, very tiny projects, testing, etc.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
firefox-ensoSimple PyXPCOM component that embeds Enso in Firefox.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
jsm-in-webAn experiment to allow the use of code written as a JS Module in content space (i.e., in a web app rather than a Mozilla extension).Atul Varma <>6 years ago
caja-testSome simple experiments with Google Caja.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
browser-couchNaive attempt at client-side CouchDB in the browser using DOMStorage.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
personas_backendWeb-based backend for Firefox Personas.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
s60_experimentsExperiments with Nokia S60 platform development.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
my-enso-commandsMy Enso commands.Atul Varma <>5 years ago
spidermonkey-playgroundSimple embedding of Spidermonkey exposing many JSAPI functions to JS.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
pymonkeyPython CAPI module to expose SpiderMonkey functionality to Python. Moved to: Varma <>6 years ago
processmanagerProcessManager is a simple Python-based solution for managing--starting, stopping, and restarting--any process or collection of processes that provide services for an indefinite period of time (e.g., a server or daemon) on a Unix-based OS.Atul Varma <>3 years ago
sjsboxunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
js-scannerunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
doc-thingyPrototypical code documentation system.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
hipHumane Imperative Parser (HIP), a simple testbed for playing around with linguistic command-line ideas.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
web-gnustoWeb-based Javascript Z-Machine interpreter based on the Gnusto engine. This project has since been moved to Google Code, and can be found at Varma <>7 years ago
simple_npapi_pluginAbandoned proof-of-concept NPAPI browser plugin.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
universal-identity-relyerunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
wikiPrototypical wiki.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
py-jsPython bytecode interpreter written in JavaScript.Atul Varma <>7 years ago
my-ubiquity-commandsMy Ubiquity command feeds.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
ambnews-firefoxAmbient News, a zero-configuration Firefox extension to get news about your favorite sites without subscribing to anything.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
osx-quasimodeunknownAtul Varma <>5 years ago
encryptobinExperimental storage using client-side encryption.Atul Varma <>6 years ago
simple_xpcom_firefox_extensionSimple proof-of-concept Firefox extension that includes a trivial C++ XPCOM component.Atul Varma <>7 years ago